From the sea to freshwater, from responsibly farmed salmon to tuna caught in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the fish proposals from the companies of Taste represent a careful selection of tradition (sometimes even century-old) and innovation. While accurate processing, attention to the sustainability of fishing, and great respect for raw materials express the best of both.



Acquapazza Gourmet

La Colatura d’Alici è il prodotto simbolo di Cetara e di questa azienda artigianale che la produce secondo metodi tradizionali, in piccole e preziose quantità. Del golfo di Salerno sono anche le Alici sotto sale, lavorate con l’antico metodo dell’invecchiamento in botti di castagno.


Coda Nera

Smoked salmon processed according to ancient Baltic recipes: hand filleting, light salting, and delicate smoking over a wood fire. Only the exclusive Atlantic Salmon, naturally farmed in the Skyervøy area, can become Coda Nera Riserva.



Colimena la fabbrica del tonno

From the Salento area, the love and respect for the raw material translate into products featuring the flavor of tradition. Like the «Acque di mare» line: bonito, mackerel, and tuna caught in the Mediterranean and preserved naturally in seawater.



Fish Different

Fish exclusively caught in an eco-sustainable way, with lampara and purse seine methods, and preserved in organic oil. In particular, the company processes the «Alacce» of Lampedusa, a precious Slow Food Presidium. The organic «Colatura di Alici» anchovy sauce is another key product.

Friul Trota

The manual boning and slow smoking processes with berries and herbs are the key to the success of a wide range of products: smoked trout from San Daniele, hot smoked trout fillet, herring fillets, cod, sea bream, steamed sea bass. All are free of preservatives and dyes.


Ghezzi – Genuine tradizioni di mare

Since 1945, a company specializing in canned fish and the production of cod and stockfish. Through its network of Italian and foreign partners, Ghezzi offers local products and excellent productions: the best fish, such as the Sangiolaro tuna fillets and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea Acantilado.


Gusti pregiati

In Cabras, on the Sinis peninsula, Pino Spanu’s company processes highly selected raw materials. Like the «Corsican Red Tuna,» caught exclusively from small-scale, ethical, and sustainable fishing, performed with hooks and long lines, and then packaged with top-quality olive oil.


Shark – Bottega del pesce

Bluefin tuna bresaola, smoked swordfish loin, «roastfish,» fish sausage, marinated salmon, octopus soppressata and bacon: fish cured meats, all handcrafted, are the stars of high-end seafood street food, for sandwiches but also pokè bowls and bao buns.



Testa conserve

Fishers since 1800 in Ognina, the ancient port of Ulysses, the Testa family have created a modern company that produces high-end preserves respecting the sea: from red tuna fillets to ventresca, from buzzonaglia to horse mackerel, mackerel, anchovies, and bottarga.



Trota Altura

Founded in 2019, the company has rediscovered the qualities of the smoked trout, a delicacy from the Alps. This gastronomic excellence, farmed responsibly, is smoked in cherry, alder, and apple wood, while juniper berries flavor the char filets.



Troticoltura Cherubini

Fario, Iridea, Salmonata, and Salmerini are the trout species farmed by this renowned company based in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, in an unspoiled valley, at about 650 meters above sea level: an ideal habitat for a high-quality product.




Smoked salmon marinated with salt and sugar (alternating and never together) and smoked with beech-wood from the Parma area Apennines, as unusual as it is sweet and gentle. And for the Gold Edition, crumbs of 23-karat edible gold.



Fuori di Taste 2022:
The initiatives and events across the city

As usual, during this edition of Taste, Florence will come alive with the FuoriDiTaste calendar of events, themed tastings, shows, talks, and new ways of interpreting food. A program bringing together the Taste exhibitors and some of the city’s most beautiful locations and spots.

Stay tuned for the complete events calendar.

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